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Many folks are often confused on what the difference is between the ODP, Protective Covenants, Covenant Guidelines and By-Laws?
Sixth Avenue West: The Sixth Avenue West Neighborhood is divided up into 6 separate Filings.  Each Filing has its own separately filed Protective Covenants.  Please see th MAP below to determine your Filing. 
OPD (Official Development Plan):  The Sixth Avenue West Neighborhood was created under an Official Development Plan or ODP. This ODP was created when the community was first established and filed with Jefferson County Planning and Zoning. The Sixth Avenue West ODPs are the  zoning document for the development of Sixth Avenue West, as well as several other communities and is enforced by Jefferson County. 
PROTECTIVE COVENANTS: The Protective Covenants are specific to Sixth Avenue West and describe the guidelines for lot owners to follow with the purpose of maintaining an up-scale community . The covenants are also filed with Jefferson County. These covenants are binding and are enforceable by any member of the community.
COVENANT - ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL GUIDELINES: The Covenant - Architectural Control Guidelines contain more specific wording than the Covenants and are developed by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC). The intended purpose of the guidelines is to clarify and provide for a consistent interpretation of the Covenants, which is the underlying document to the guidelines. This document is not filed with Jefferson County.
BYLAWS:  The By-Laws are the rules governing the entity and operation of our Non-Profit Corporation called the 6th Avenue West Homeowners Association. 
All of the above mentioned documents are available below for your review.
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OPD (Official Development Plan):
Sixth Avenue West, Second Filing
Sixth Avenue West, Fourth Filing 
Sixth Avenue West, Fifth Filing 
** Reaffirmation documents and ACC "withdrawal" documents located on ACC page.
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